One type of construction product that you will probably end up using is cement. Cement has various kinds of applications in construction. And as a construction product, it is also one of the most common ones that are being used as well. However, there are also different kinds of cement products as well. And you will need to familiarize yourself with those different kinds of cement products, especially if you are undertaking a construction project at the moment. These are 10 different kinds of cement types that you can use.

Quick setting cement

This kind of cement is created through fine grinding to get rid of the gypsum, and there is also some addition of aluminium sulphate as well. This is to speed up the process of the hardening, as the aluminium acts as an accelerator.

Rapid hardening cement

The increased lime content in this type of cement allows it to reach very high strength in only a matter of a few days. This makes it perfect for projects where cement work can be removed later on.

Sulphates resisting cement

In areas with high concentrations of sulphate, such as canals, rivers and even locations with heavy rainfall, this is the type of cement that can be used. It will resist corrosion from too much exposure to sulphate content.

Low heat cement

In large construction projects, such as dams, this is the cement product that should be used. This type of cement is made by decreasing the amount of tricalcium aluminate content in the cement.

Blast Furnace Slag Cement

Whenever the cost of construction is a concern, this is the kind of cement that should be used. It is readily available and quite cheap as well, especially when compared to other kinds of cement.

White Cement

This is a kind of cement that is used more for its aesthetics rather than any other kind of property. The pure white appearance of this cement makes it perfect for construction projects wherein the architectural design is the main concern. It is made just like other more common types of cement, except the presence of iron oxide is removed, allowing for a paler colour for this cement.


Coloured cement

Another decorative type of cement, it is made by mixing other coloured minerals in the production of cement. Specific minerals will produce different kinds of colours, so the amounts and types of minerals used will vary depending on what kind of colour of cement is desired.

High Alumina Cement

In construction projects with extreme conditions, such as cold or hot areas. This cement is the most common one that is used. It has got a high tolerance to temperature changes and is also acid resistant as well.

Pozzolanic Cement

In most construction projects that are underwater, such as marine constructions or sewage systems, this is the cement that is used.

Hydrographic cement

A very workable type of cement, it still maintains a lot of durability. It is manufactured by adding chemicals that repel water, into the cement mixture.


Knowing these different kinds of cement types can be helpful, especially if you want to use a specific kind of construction product that is perfect for your current project. The specific applications of these cement products will vary as well, so you should be aware of their particular applications. Be sure to read through all of the different kinds of cement types, as you may actually find that knowledge useful in the future when you are deep into a construction project. Even professional construction service providers will benefit from reading this article, as they may be able to provide better construction services if they used the right type of cement product.